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Technology Award Winners

Technology can even the playing field. These are some of the students that we have helped by helping with internet access or a laptop. This is part of why we do what we do, with your help!

Tech Award Winner

"As a graduate of Iowa State whose life goal is to return as a full-time employee... I want to return to Iowa State as I found Ames, Iowa to be my home. My mother was the first woman, and only second person, in our family to earn a degree, and she earned that degree at ISU. I strive to follow in her footsteps and embody the Cyclone spirit she possesses. Being able to utilize this award will allow me to continue my education and legacy of making a difference in the realm of collegiate education."

~ Madalyn Walker

"I have never thought about what my legacy will be. I do know that I want to be the first college graduate, directly from high school, in my family. I want to be a part of the ever-evolving technology industry. I want to be a creator, innovator, and teammate of greatness. Receiving this award would assist me with having the supplies I need to accomplish this... Having a laptop that will assist with obtaining my bachelor's degree in computer science, while I am away at college is vital. My mother has focused on caring and providing for my sister and me. I want to make her proud and lift some of the coming burden and stress of college costs."

- Khiree Carr

Tech Award Winner
Tech Award Winner

I believe that the pathway you leave behind is your legacy that will lead others after you. My goal is to inspire other black African American individuals to pursue higher education. If they decide that this pathway is not right for them, I encourage them to strive for their passion. If I receive The Jack Trice Scholarship, it will help me overcome the financial barrier of paying for out of state tuition. Graduating high school as a first-generation student is the first stepping stone in building my legacy. My next steps in continuing my legacy are to obtain a bachelor's degree and graduate from medical school to become a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. As a result, I would help and mentor others pursuing a similar field. I want my legacy to demonstrate that taking chances, being open minded, and disciplined, really pays off. The representation of black African American females needs to improve in higher education and medical careers. My goal is to lead by example and demonstrate the benefits of college, not just by preaching, but by taking action. I desire to explore the vast opportunities that are available. I aspire to encourage individuals to broaden their horizons and not to let any challenging obstacles deter or discourage them from achieving their goals. I strive to be a role model for young black African American females and encourage that they too can excel in the medical profession for a variety of pathways. Receiving this scholarship would allow me to continue to make a positive impact by helping me to be a representation of my culture, inspiring other black African Americans, particularly women, that our potential is limitless and we are history.

~ Reauna Walker

Being the recipient of the technology grant will help me with my legacy of becoming a sports broadcaster/journalist. My current laptop is very outdated, and continues to crash. I want to make sure my work is safe, and done properly, on a new computer with no problems. I have a big passion, like Mr. Trice, for sports. I grew up watching sports, and I have always been involved in them. However, my favorite sport has become boxing. I love to go back and watch legends like Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, and Marvin Hagler fight. Also, I love watching new school fighters like Gervonta Davis, Canelo Alvarez, and Terrance Crawford making there push to be all time greats. While I watch boxing for enjoyment, I almost treat it like film study. I can talk hours about the sweet science, and little things I’ve picked up through the years. This is what I intend to do for my career. This laptop will help me become a better editor on articles, get me started on recording boxing breakdowns, and expanding my brand to become a broadcaster on television. I want to leave behind a legacy while doing the thing I love to do, and this laptop will help me reach that goal.

~ Will Dotson III

Tech Award Winner
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